daily make-up routine

I’m not the sort that wears make up on a daily basis and I probably never will unless my job calls for it. Basically, I don’t like having lots of things on my face and neither does my face like it too. But as I’ve gotten older and my skin is not as “flawless” as before (it never really was but there was a short period of my life where I could get away with just using sunblock), I realize that for my own self-esteem’s sake and maybe for the sake of my husband and child, I should at least look like I am putting in some effort into looking presentable.

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skincare routine august 2016

It’s been a while since I last blogged about my skincare routine and yes there have been quite a few changes. I changed up my routine a while back (November 2015?) and have been very happy with it since. I have tried a few other products in between but I feel I keep coming back to the ones I’ve listed below. Like before, I try and use budget-friendly green beauty products.

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