Balancing Toddler Life and Housework

E is now 18 months and is no longer a baby. I do miss the baby days where she was largely immobile and would stay in one spot and not complain much. Now I have a stomping, running, bopping toddler who wants to be entertained 24/7 (or at least whenever she is awake). E does have her moments were she’s playing/reading on her own, but by and large she wants the attention of someone – usually me.

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Developing a Housework Schedule

There are currently two adults (hubs and I) and a baby (E) in our household and we have a housework schedule.

Yes, a schedule. Usually people develop such schedules when they have children who are able to help with household chores. If you have a housekeeper or domestic
helper, or even a housemate, a schedule would also be helpful.

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The Freezer is your Friend

I honestly can go on and on about how valuable freezer space is to me. Freezing my food has really helped the hubs and I save money and time. If we had another freezer, we would be able to save even more money (because then I would be able to freeze more things). Unfortunately, we live in a rental and can’t choose the type of fridge we have. My freezer has a decent amount of space, but to me it’s still not enough!

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Freezing food – What I use

When I first started freezing food, I used Ziploc sandwich bags. However, I quickly found that I was spending a lot on sandwich bags, and throwing out a lot of bags after use.

I then experimented with a more eco-friendly option – using containers. However, I found that some foods do not freeze well in containers (think freezer burn and ice crystals) and stained the containers. Some containers also cracked easily even though they were labeled freezer-safe.

After much trial and error, here are the things I currently use for freezing food:

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