pear, walnut and raisin smoothie

pear, walnut, and raisin smoothie

The hubs and I recently invested in a Nutribullet. We bought it primarily because it’s easier to clean than a food processor and can do simple small jobs like mince garlic, make food purees and smoothies. That being said, our trusty food processor will never be replaced – how can I make my favorite food pro bread otherwise?

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my first green smoothie

green smoothie

The hubs and I have embarked on the Mayo Clinic Diet once again. This time round we are (I believe) more prepared. I’m also less anxious about it and taking it one step at a time. I’ve set a couple of basic rules/guidelines so I don’t fuss too much. 1) Weigh myself once a day; 2) Have two vegetarian meals and one meal with meat (either chicken or fish); 3) I’ve prepared small snack packs of either smoked 100% banana (a Vietnamese treat) or 14 almonds, all which equate to 100 calories each pack. The snacks though, are only consumed if I am really hankering for something to eat.

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