yu sheng (chinese raw fish salad)


Yu Sheng or Chinese raw fish salad is a Chinese New Year staple in Singapore. I’m not sure about Malaysia, but I know they also consume this dish there during the CNY season. It’s one of my favorites and I always look forward to eating it during CNY. I’m also proud to say that the recipe was invented by Singapore chefs, so it’s a true blue local dish.

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mohinga – burmese fish noodle soup


I first had mohinga (a fish noodle soup) at a Burmese restaurant in the Bay Area. I had read about it in a Burmese cookbook given by a friend and was curious about how it would taste. The last time I was back in Singapore, I asked my in-laws’ domestic helper (who is from Myanmar) about it. She helped me buy a mohinga soup mix to bring home. She also bought the special noodles, crispy chick pea cracker and smoked chilli that goes along with the dish.

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still cooking

Wowzy! It’s been a looonnngg time since I last posted. I’m still here, still cooking.

Since my last post there have been a tonne of changes in my life. My hubs graduated (yay!), we moved for his work and in turn had our first rental-furniture buying-setting up home experience as a couple, I returned home (for work), came back and am now starting to cook again. Technically I never stopped cooking, I just didn’t post – sorry!

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hippity hop & bread and butter pudding with croissants

There are just some things you have to eat before you leave Montreal.

The bed to accompany…

the rabbit!
Marinated overnight in salt, pepper, garlic (minced), fresh rosemary, and olive oil. Roasted with onions, carrots, potatoes, and Jerusalem artichokes.

Final product. Yummy roasted rabbit.

And bread and butter pudding made using croissants. Not native Quebecois but a great way to use up leftover croissants (and bread) from church!

I used this quick and easy (and healthier) bread and butter recipe I had posted before. I made a few changes though.

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christmas foods 2011

Just wanted to share what holiday foods have been filling my tummy…

seared scallops with bacon bits and cranberry balsamic glaze

pan-fried sole with lemon caper sauce and garlic asparagus

mushrooms drying on a rack

red wine chocolate cake

red wine chocolate cake with whipped cream and orange zest