pickled green chillies

In Chinese or rather Singaporean cuisine, there are many different types of chilli sauces. For example, the chilli used to accompany chicken rice is not the same chilli used for wonton noodles or yong tau fu, or bak ku teh or…basically the list goes on. Pickled green chillies are commonly served with fried hor fun noodles, fried bee hoon, and wonton noodles. My dad kinda likes them with almost everything though. However, you would not be caught dead eating these chillies with say, chicken rice – it just doesn’t go. That being said, it’s hard to find these pickled chillies here in the US in Asian restaurants. If they are present, they are usually made with jalepenos, since the Asian green chilli (or the kind of chilli used back home) can’t really be found here. The closest chilli would be the Serrano. As such, if you live in the US I would recommend using Serrano chillies over jalapenos as they have a stronger kick. Do not use bird’s eye chillies (i.e., the small red/green chillies).

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