Korean Japchae

korean japchae

I love Korean japchae and always look forward to eating it as one of the “ban chan” dishes served at Korean restaurants. I have tried a few japchae recipes but this one is probably my favorite so far. I added more garlic to the original recipe and combined it with some of the techniques/ingredients from other japchae recipes.

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Bugeoguk: Korean Pollack Soup


My mother-in-law introduced me to dried pollock, a type of dried fish used commonly in Korean cooking. She initially told me that I could just cook the fish along with some carrots and onions. I tried doing that but the soup wasn’t as flavorful as she described. I decided to make something the Koreans would make. Bugeoguk is known as a “hangover soup” in Korea.

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korean bean sprout side dish

korean bean sprout side dish

One of the things I look forward to when I have Korean BBQ are the side dishes. The last time I visited LA, I had Korean BBQ at Genwa. Genwa is well-known for their 20+ side dishes that accompany the BBQ. I was very impressed as all the side dishes were delicious. Usually, at most places, I would only like 2 or 3 of them. This dish is a common side dish served at Korean BBQs. It’s also a common side dish served with Korean food. I see it often in Korean restaurants as well.

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