roasted cauliflower with ginger, turmeric and cumin and spiced basmati rice

roasted cauliflower and spiced basmati rice

roasted cauliflower with ginger, turmeric and cumin and spiced basmati rice

This is a favorite and staple meal in our family. I cook this pretty often (at least twice a month?) and we all love it. It is very easy to whip up and elements of this dish can be prepared beforehand making it easy to bring everything together. Since my family loves roasted cauliflower I always roast at least two heads when I make this.

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andhra chicken curry

I was introduced to this recipe by my ex-Indian neighbour. We used to share food with each other and I learned how to make a number of Indian dishes from her. I have to say that though I used the same recipe she passed to me, the results were slightly different. I wasn’t able to recreate the same taste and gravy consistency. I even used the same ingredients! Alas, this curry is delicious with rice but more so with noodles (in my opinion). Boil up some somen noodles, ladle on some curry and chicken and enjoy!

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easy moong dal

moong dal with naan

The hubs and I love Indian food but haven’t been the most successful or adventurous when it comes to cooking it ourselves. So far our repertoire consists of homemade naan, tandoori chicken and aloo gobi (I haven’t posted this recipe yet because I’m not very happy with it – it’s edible but not yummy). This was our first attempt at dal. We decided (literally) on a whim we were going to have Indian food for dinner and spent the next 1.5 hours whipping up this dal, homemade naan and sweet lassi. The homemade naan was a quick recipe that yielded decent naan but it isn’t as good as the recipe I posted in the past.

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