12 months and beyond: What’s in our diaper bag?

LeSportsac Melanie, our current diaper bag

E is now over a year old. Time really flies. Things have also changed a lot. We don’t need to carry the whole world with us in our diaper bag and have streamlined the amount of stuff we have for E.

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Traveling with Baby: Long-Haul plane rides with a 9-12 month old

We traveled from the US to Singapore recently. I then stayed in Singapore for about 2 months with E and returned back with E, thankfully not on my own since I had a bad gastric attack on board our last 9 hour leg. The hubs returned home after 3 weeks.

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Choosing a Diaper Bag

Before E was born I did a fair amount of research into what kind of diaper bag I wanted/needed and what to put in it. I watched a number of YouTube videos, asked around and spent agonizing hours thinking about what to get. Honestly, I shouldn’t have thought SO hard about it.

The truth is, any bag can be used/converted into a diaper bag. What matters to most women, in my opinion, is the style. Nowadays there are many stylish options that don’t scream diaper bag. Also, you don’t have to buy something labelled “diaper bag”. I have successfully used my Longchamp Pliage (Medium) as a diaper bag (will get into that on another post).

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