Baby & Toddler: Schedules

Recently, a couple of friends have had questions about schedules for babies and toddlers so I thought I would blog about my experience with E. For reference, E is now 25 months old.

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Baby Resources

Here are a few websites/books that have helped me with baby thus far.


The Nursing Mother’s Companion – canonical text all moms-to-be should read.

The American Academy of Pediatrics New Mother’s Guide to Breastfeeding – I read an older version, but this book was helpful too.

Kelly Mom – best online resource for breastfeeding

Dr. Jack Newman – another great online resource

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Setting Up Your Baby Registry

About 6 months ago I had to set up a baby registry. A friend was going to host a baby shower for me and friends and family were asking what we needed for the baby.

Since E is our first (and probably only) child, we had to start from scratch. Well, not really since a friend had given us a truck-load of baby clothes, toys and other stuff that she didn’t need
anymore. Her two daughters were way past the baby/toddler age group. As such, the hubs and I spent hours going through all the clothes and stuff. We donated the clothes and things we didn’t need or couldn’t keep due to lack of space. Our friend’s generosity saved us hundreds of dollars in baby clothes, swaddles, blankets, toys, etc. We are (to this day) eternally grateful.

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