life and blog updates oct 2016

I thought I’d post a little update on what’s been happening in my life and what I’m planning for this blog.

We are still living in the Bay Area and because of recent health issues in our family and the cost of treatments etc., we’ve had to tighten our expenses. I am hoping to stick to our food budget more religiously and also bring it down. I am pretty ashamed that we spend $600+ or so on food each month (though some of it could be household product expenses), but honestly – there are only 3 people in our family (2 adults and one toddler) and we could do better. I am hoping to stick to $100 a week to feed 3 people and have one meal out (usually Sunday lunch). I might start posting about our grocery shopping and include more meal planning posts. Grocery shopping hauls will probably be posted on Instagram (@joythehousewife). Not sure if you noticed but I’ve added an Instagram widget on the side menu.

About meal planning and cooking – I am hoping to have a couple of posts for people who are beginner cooks/tight on money/short on time. These recipes are likely to include the use of shortcut ingredients, some of which I haven’t bought in a long time because I prefer making things from scratch now. But I do realize that there are beginner cooks out there and/or people who don’t have the time to make things from scratch. As such, I am hopeful some of these recipes and how-tos will appeal to you. Let me know what you would like to see.

E is now going through her 2 to 1 nap transition so I’ve been tired and busy keeping sane. She is grumpy most days (because of the lack of sleep) and because she naps only for an hour during the day on me in the carrier, I don’t have the opportunity to do much housework and cooking. As such, during the week I tend to make quick meals and save my more “complicated” cooking exploits for the weekend. That being said, I try and get E involved with some parts of the cooking process. I will post on that soon. The good thing is E has been waking up less in the night. She used to wake up at least 3 times for breast milk but now wakes up less than that, sometimes only once! Am waiting for that elusive night where she sleeps through, at the same time I am aware that that would mean my breast feeding journey might be coming to an end soon. I know I will miss it.

Okay, that’s a wrap for now. Let me know in the comments below or via the contact form (button on top bar) what else you would like to see on this blog. Thanks for reading!






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