daily make-up routine

I’m not the sort that wears make up on a daily basis and I probably never will unless my job calls for it. Basically, I don’t like having lots of things on my face and neither does my face like it too. But as I’ve gotten older and my skin is not as “flawless” as before (it never really was but there was a short period of my life where I could get away with just using sunblock), I realize that for my own self-esteem’s sake and maybe for the sake of my husband and child, I should at least look like I am putting in some effort into looking presentable.

I’ve tried over the years many different make up routines/products but this recent one has probably stuck the longest and is my favorite. I love how the products feel on my face and I look “natural”. To quote a friend – I look like I put in some effort but not THAT much effort. That is what I am gunning for. Oh yes, and also not spending a lot of time in front of the mirror and also, it has to be easy to do because I pretty much have zero make-up skills. This routine takes up about 5 to 10 minutes max of my time.

  1. 100% Pure Luminous Primer: I love how the primer feels on my face and the ingredients used. However, I am using this primer because I bought it in the past and need to use it up. The hefty price tag will probably encourage me to try another primer next time. If you have the budget, this is a good green beauty option. I apply the primer after I wash my face and moisturize it.
  2. Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30 (06 Ginger): I love, love this product. This is the best tinted moisturizer I have tried so far. I have used other brands like Laura Mercier (also good) and 100% Pure, but this one feels the best on my skin. The color also matches very well with my skin color/tone. I apply this using a brush (also from Bare Minerals). Using a brush instead of a sponge helps me keep breakouts at bay. I wash my brush once a week. The brush also helps me apply the product evenly. I only use a pea-sized amount each time.
  3. Bare Minerals Perfecting Veil (Medium): Using a blush brush, I set the tinted moisturizer with this powder. It really does help complete the look.
  4. Lavera Lips & Cheeks (03 Fancy Melon): My friend Ru sent me this product. I prefer using cream blushes as I feel they last longer. This blush provides a natural flush and can also be used on the lips. I only use it as a blush though. I have been very happy with the product and hope to repurchase it. However, it is pretty hard to get in the US. I apply it with the tips of my fingers.
  5. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick (Dusty Mauve): My sister-in-law bought this as a Christmas gift for me. I don’t wear any eye shadow at all so was a little surprised but she told me how easy it was to use – just draw and buff out with your fingers. The results are also pretty natural and I don’t look like I just got punched. If I’m short on time, I leave out the eye shadow.
  6. Joshua Tree Desert Shimmers Lip Balm: Another product my friend Ru sent me. My lips are pretty sensitive and I can’t wear most lipsticks as I break out in a rash. This tinted lip balm has worked out pretty well for me. It stays on long enough, but I do reapply it often. I like that it is also a green beauty product and relatively affordable.

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