12 months and beyond: What’s in our diaper bag?

LeSportsac Melanie, our current diaper bag

E is now over a year old. Time really flies. Things have also changed a lot. We don’t need to carry the whole world with us in our diaper bag and have streamlined the amount of stuff we have for E.

We also rotate between two bags when we go out with E. If we need to carry more stuff, we still use our JuJuBe BFF. If we are just out for short trips and only need to carry the “essentials”, I use this LeSportSac bag. I bought it in Singapore as the JuJuBe was way too heavy to schlep around. Though the bag looks small, it can carry a lot of stuff. It is also very light and washable. Two key things a diaper bag should be.

what’s in our diaper bag?

This is what we normally carry in our LeSportSac Melanie:

  • Skip Hop Pronto Diaper Changer – packed with 3-4 diapers, wipes, a travel size tube of Aquaphor and Badgers Baby Balm
  • Gerber Meal Mat in its container
  • Bumkins bib (folded and placed in Gerber Meal Mat container)
  • Combi spoon with scissors (bought in Singapore; OXO Tot makes a good alternative)
  • Wipes for hands and face
  • Antibacterial wipes (Wet Ones brand)
  • E’s straw sippy (we use the Playtex straw sippy cup)
  • Babyganics hand sanitizer (I like that it is alcohol-free)
  • Mommy stuff (pads, tissues, hand cream, medication)
  • Snack pouch filled with assorted snacks
  • Small food thermos/container (if we are going out to eat and I am not sure if E will get enough veggies at the meal, I usually pack some steamed/fresh veggies for her)

I find that the items listed above have been the essentials needed when we go out. If we go to restaurants, I usually skip the diaper changer as well because I prefer changing E in the car.

The only thing missing is an extra change of clothes. Thing is, I have that in the car so I only carry the change of clothes if I know that heading back to the car wouldn’t be that convenient.

To date, this has been working out well for us. How do you pack your diaper bag when your kid/s is past 12 months?


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