BLW: Serving Rice

We don’t eat rice that often, but when we do, we usually have to spoon-feed E. Since E doesn’t quite like being spoon-fed anymore, it has been a challenge feeding her things that can be hard for her to pick up (think soups, porridge etc.).

I happened to have these sushi molds, purchased some time ago from Daiso (a Japanese dollar store) and decided to try serving rice in a “rice ball”. It works pretty well. Sometimes I would stuff bits of meat or vegetables in the middle of the rice ball. Most of the time I would just make plain rice balls and serve them alongside the side dishes or sauce.

Pictured above is a rice ball with chicken pot pie filling. E enjoyed mushing up the rice ball and mixing it with the sauce. She then attempted to use a spoon to scoop up the rice but gave up quickly and just used her fingers. She was pretty successful as she ate about 80% of the food on her plate.

You can find these sushi molds at some Asian grocers or online ( has a few options). Or, you can just use your hands and shape the rice into balls or any other shape you would like.


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