BLW: Homemade Oat Cereal

When E first started solids, one of the first foods recommended by the pediatrician was rice cereal. It’s a common first food and many babies have started their journey on solids with this staple. My lactation consultant recommended otherwise since it is essentially nutritionally empty – think just carbs.

The hubs and I were also set on practicing some sort of baby-led weaning. As such, E’s first food was a piece of avocado (which she didn’t quite like). Anyway, cereals (oat, rice, barley etc.) are a handy food to have in store. It makes for a good emergency meal or supplement to a meal. We eat oatmeal, right? Oats are also easier to digest than rice and have a bit more nutrition.

I have a few breakfast go-to meals for E and oatmeal is one of them. I was tempted to go out and buy a box of baby oatmeal but found this alternative online instead. To make instant oatmeal for baby, simply grind up some steel cut oatmeal. I had steel-cut oatmeal in my pantry so this was a perfect way to use up those oats.

The instructions on the website says to cook the oats on the stove. I found that by just adding hot boiling water and letting the oats sit for a bit (2-3 minutes) before eating does the trick as well. If you need to cook it more, pop it in the microwave. Add enough water to achieve the consistency you want.

To add flavor and variety, I add in some fruit purees (e.g., applesauce, apricot puree etc.) or spices (e.g., cinnamon, nutmeg etc.).

Homemade oat cereal with apricot puree

I keep the oat cereal in the fridge to keep it fresh. If you live in a cool climate, it probably isn’t necessary.


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