BLW: On the go

Happy 2016! I haven’t posted lately because we’ve been away from home and busy just getting used to “real” home again. I will be posting some long-haul travel tips soon based on our international travel experiences. We are still doing baby-led weaning (BLW) with E (with occasional spoon-feeding). E loves food and is generally a hearty eater. She is a little “cautious” when you give her something new to eat, but is pretty open to try new things, especially when you let her feed herself.

She is still a rice cake/puff lover and never turns down a teething wafer, unless she is tired or sick. The challenge now is practicing BLW when we are out and about.

While we were back in Singapore, I noticed most restaurants were pretty child/baby friendly. They gave us child-friendly (not always child-sized) utensils and bowls/plates to use. However, since we let E pick up foods on her own, most of the time I just ended up placing the foods directly on the (somewhat sanitized) table.

When I got back, I realized that I needed to find a solution to this problem. Here’s what we currently do when we want to practice BLW on the go:

I had found this Gerber Graduates meal mat on Amazon some time ago, but just placed it on my shopping list for future reference. Recently I decided to purchase it to try it out.

Here is what it looks like – I placed it on the table. The silicone material it is made of sticks to the smooth surface pretty well, but of course if baby decides she doesn’t want it there, she can fling it off. I tried the mat at another restaurant that had a table with an uneven surface and it doesn’t stick that well. But you can still lay the mat on top of the table.

There are 4 compartments with little pictures. E likes moving her food around the compartments before putting them into her mouth.


Best part about the mat? It comes with its own travel case. Just fold it up…


and place it in the container


I usually fold and place my Bumkins Waterproof Superbib on the top of the mat, then close the container.

I stopped using my OXO Tot bib because it developed mildew on the edges that would not go away. As such, I can’t recommend that bib anymore. The Bumkins bib is light, easy to carry around and wash. Hopefully it will not develop any mildew/mold issues.

For E’s on the go utensils, I have a spoon/noodle cutter set from Combi. I purchased that in Singapore. You can also purchase a spoon with a travel case off Amazon. OXO Tot makes a decent one. Travel cases help you reduce the endless amount of plastic bags you would need each time you use the spoon.

How do you practice BLW on the go?


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