Developing a Housework Schedule

There are currently two adults (hubs and I) and a baby (E) in our household and we have a housework schedule.

Yes, a schedule. Usually people develop such schedules when they have children who are able to help with household chores. If you have a housekeeper or domestic
helper, or even a housemate, a schedule would also be helpful.

The husband and I have a schedule to help us, or rather me, keep on top of things and ensure the house is cleaned “evenly” (for lack of a better expression). In the past, there were weeks where I “over-cleaned” – basically I washed the sheets again and neglected to wash the towels and then there were times where the floor never gets mopped (still working on that). The schedule kinda helps keep me on track especially now with E around. Our housework schedule has undergone many revisions. However, this is what the hubs and I have settled into for the past few months since E was born and we started cloth diapering.


How it works:

  • There are on average 4 weeks in a month, but I added in week 5 for those special months.
  • I first considered the tasks that need to be done (e.g., laundry, mopping, cleaning bathrooms etc.). We live in a small one-bedroom apartment (now 2 bed, 2 bath)  so the tasks listed above help keep our living environment clean.
  • I then sorted those tasks accordingly – things to be done each day, week, once a month, once in two/three months etc. Do note that depending on where you live etc, you might need to do some tasks more frequently. You can also add in yearly tasks to be done. For example, the hubs and I do a full cleaning of the house about once in 6 months – it’s not listed in the schedule though.
  • Most of the tasks are done by me (since I am currently the housewife). Tasks that are specifically done by the hubs have his name next to it (for example, he cleans his own bike and is a much better duster than I am).
  • Once the schedule is complete, try it out! The schedule will probably be tweaked constantly the first few months or so. If you are sharing the household tasks, be sure to have open discussions with everyone involved to ensure that everyone is contributing “equally” – or to the best of their ability.
  • I try and keep the schedule as simple as possible. For example, I don’t list the days and times to get the tasks done unless I know I have to get the task done on that day (e.g., washing cloth
    diapers). If you prefer that, go ahead. Having some flexibility in your schedule helps reduce the stress of completing housework (at least for me).
  • We review the schedule about twice a year or when the need arises.

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