BLW: Prune Puree

Despite my efforts to feed E a balanced diet, she still got a little constipated.

A constipated baby is not a happy baby. There was much groaning and effort on E’s part to pass out poo the past few days. Unfortunately, only small lumps were ejected! Oh well. Pear is usually my go-to fibre boost for E, as such I always have a stash of frozen pear puree in the freezer. However, after consuming lots of pear, poor E was still constipated. I decided to try prune puree instead.

To make the puree, I bought dried prunes. Make sure the dried prunes are pitted and 100% prunes with no added chemicals or preservatives. It also doesn’t hurt to try out the prunes yourself. I used the Sunsweet D’Noir Prunes. They actually taste pretty good and are nice and moist.

Soak about 6 prunes in ½ cup of hot water for about 15 minutes then blend them together using either a food processor or blender of choice.

I usually freeze the puree in 1 tablespoon portions. To serve, you can feed baby the puree on its own or mix it with other foods like yogurt.

The prune puree worked pretty fast for E. She had a massive poopy diaper within 2 hours.


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