BLW: Pan-Fried Salmon, Sauteed Kale with Onions and Potato Hash

We had pan-fried salmon (hubs had catfish since he isn’t a salmon fan), sauteed kale with onions and potato hash for dinner tonight.

Here’s how I prepared E’s meal:

Pan-fried salmon: I seasoned the fish with dried dill, smoked paprika, pepper and salt. Before I seasoned the fish, I cut off a small portion for E and seasoned hers with everything except salt. Fried the salmon in the pan with some olive oil. I did make sure E’s portion was cooked through (I like mine a little rare in the middle).

Sauteed kale: Kale was sauteed with some onions and seasoned with salt and black pepper. Before seasoning with salt, I removed a small portion for E.

Potato hash: I cut some red potatoes into cubes and fried them in some olive oil till they were golden brown. I removed a small portion for E before sprinkling a bit of salt.

Lemon garlic aioli: A mixture of mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, garlic, pepper, lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Again, I set aside a little bit for E before salting the aioli. Do note, there is a little bit of salt present in the mustard and mayo so I only let E have a little bit on her fish.

To serve:

I cut up the fish, kale and onions, and potato using a pair of scissors/fork. We fed her the food individually and mixed together. You can also put bits of fish on a plate for baby to pick up and eat on their own.


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