BLW: Week 6 Update

So the Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) journey continues. It’s now week 6 and things are looking up.

After trying purees for a bit, we kinda gave up on them. E was very, very unenthusiastic about eating purees and was constantly staring at our (hubs + I) plates. As such, I’ve now moved on to feeding her foods that are somewhat present on our plate. She has been a much happier and enthusiastic eater since. It does take some work to make our food “baby-friendly” for E at this stage, but nothing too difficult.

So far, she has somewhat ate/tried – Mee Soto (Malay chicken noodle soup dish), bergedil (fried potato patty), borscht, chicken korma, tomato sauce for pasta, fish cooked in various ways, roast chicken and veggies…and more! (pictured above, from top left, clockwise: chicken korma, mee soto and bergedils, borscht, tomato sauce and rice cake)

She has expressed enjoyment when eating most of the things listed above. I have to admit not all of those things were 100% salt free, but they were very low in salt and E only eats less than a tablespoon each time. Things she eats more of like rice crackers and fruit purees have no salt in them.

I still puree some things (mainly pear) and freeze them in 1 tablespoon portions. I use them for quick snacks/meals and the pear is handy if I think E needs more fiber in her diet. E loves pear and has never turned it down.

Here are some of the things I currently do to make our “table food” baby-friendly:

Look at the recipe and identify where salt/sugar/spices (e.g. chili) is added. Consider if you can:

  • reduce the amount
  • omit the ingredient
  • add it later

For example:

  • When I made the borscht, I did add the initial amount of salt when boiling the beef to create the stock. However, I didn’t add in any more salt after. The hubs and I salted our soups individually to our tastes. E’s soup didn’t have any added salt.
  • When making tomato sauce for baby, I use fresh tomatoes instead of canned. If using canned, you can opt for unsalted versions.
  • When I am preparing individual portions of fish/chicken for our family, I will prepare an unsalted version for E. E eats very little at this stage, so a portion for her would be very, very small (think a small piece of chicken and maybe 1/8 of a fish fillet).

For sauces and soups, we feed it to her using a spoon and also dip a rice cake in the soup/sauce and let her eat it off the rice cake. I have stopped giving E Baby Mum Mum biscuits and now just give her plain ole’ puffed rice cakes that are 100% rice with no salt.

We do cut up the food into smaller, manageable pieces for E. She has no teeth yet so it’s important to note that we do not feed her everything off our plates. There are some things she probably can’t handle yet.

And of course we always supervise her closely when she is eating. I do get a little anxious when she bites off large chunks, but in general, she handles those chunks pretty well. There has been some gagging and I remind myself not to panic each time that happens.

On to week 7…!


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