BLW: Basic Tools

Before we started BLW, I researched baby cups, utensils, bowls etc.

I searched high and low for a bowl that would stick onto the high chair tray surface and wouldn’t be easy to take off. Unfortunately, those bowls are extremely hard to come by.

However, I did come across the Tommee Tippee Stickee Bowl (yes, that’s how it’s spelt). It uses a special vacuum seal instead of the normal suction cups. As such, it is almost impossible for baby to remove. A friend of mine in Australia introduced it to me. Unfortunately, at the moment it is only available in Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

The good news is, I haven’t had to use any bowl/plate with E yet. If I am feeding her, I just use a small bowl. I am careful not to place it near her though as she now likes to grab and swipe things. If I want her to feed herself, I just place bits of food onto her high chair tray which is removable and washable.

Here are some of the things we use:

High chair – We have the Keekaroo Right Height chair with infant insert. The chair looks great but has a few flaws. The infant insert isn’t very easy to clean and the tray table is a little small. At present, only the cleaning part bothers me the most.

Floor mat – Our floors are carpeted so we purchased this floor mat to help catch any spills. So far it has worked quite well.

Feeding spoons – My MIL mailed me this Pigeon Feeding Spoon set. It is very well designed for small mouths. I especially like the soup spoon (pink handle).

Bibs – I use an assortment of bibs. Some of them were purchased, some were gifts.

1. Aden and Anais snap bibs – These were a gift. I use them mainly for drool and spit up. They are very absorbent and great for soupy messes. I usually don’t use these bibs because I would have to launder them after each use (or when they get soiled).

2. OXO Tot bib – Probably my favorite bib. I bought this for travel purposes but we also use it at home. The top part conforms to baby’s body better than the Baby Bjorn one and can be rolled up for out and about use. I usually tuck the feeding spoons in the “bucket”. Easy to wash/rinse and dries quickly. Downside is that E can lift the bucket part easily and bits of food and water in there can be tipped out. Unfortunately, this bib developed mildew on the edges (very soon after we started using it) that would not go away. As such, I cannot recommend this bib anymore. If you buy this bib, just make sure you dry it well each time you wash it.

3. Aden and Anais Burpy bibs – These are large bibs that are like a cape. They are also very absorbent. I use them occasionally as like the first bibs, I would have to launder them.

4. Baby Bjorn Soft bibs – I registered for these bibs. They are easy to clean and catch most messes. They are just a little hard to pack in the diaper bag as they can’t be folded. However, E can’t lift the bib up easily so most food messes stay in the bucket part of the bib.

5. Modern Twist Bucket Bib – This was a gift. I like this bib too as it is easy to clean and can be rolled up. The silicon is also nice and soft and conforms to E’s body. However, similar to the OXO Tot bib, E can easily lift the bottom of the bib and “dump” out the food and water bits in there. She also likes to chew on the bib.

If you had to buy one bib, I would go with the Modern Twist one, with the Baby Bjorn bib coming in a close second. They are both easy to wash (no need to launder them), sturdy, and should last a long time. They also do the job of keeping baby clean.

*UPDATE Jan 2016: I recently purchased the Bumkins Waterproof Superbib for on-the-go use. It does a decent job of “catching” food and keeping E clean. It is also easy to wash and light, which equals great for travel purposes.

Straw Cups – We use straw cups with E. It took E some time to learn how to drink using a straw, but she finally got it one day. Here are some tips on how to teach your baby to drink using a straw and also why a straw is better than using a regular sippy.

1. First Years Take ‘n’ Toss cups with straws – We taught E how to drink using a straw using these cups. They are also easy to clean, cheap, and are reusable (you don’t have to toss them after each use!).

2. Playtex Lil’ Gripper Straw Cup – I bought these a long time ago before E was born. I actually used these for traveling because they are very leak-proof. After E learned how to drink using a straw I got her to try using this cup. The cup has a valve so baby needs to suck harder. The valve helps prevent E from sucking too much water at one go. E can also hold it on her own.

3. OXO Tot Sippy Cup (Straw) – Another OXO Tot purchase. I initially bought this cup because I liked the shape and size of it. It also has interchangeable tops and you can add on a handle. The top part can be hard to clean and some reviews mentioned mold growing inside. But I think as long as you make sure you air-dry it well, it should be okay. Also, I would just stick to water and easy to clean liquids if possible.

For freezing foods we use this freezer tray from NUK.

You can also use an ice cube tray but I like this tray because it has a lid; it is made of silicon so it is easy to pop out the frozen food; and each section can store more food than each section of an ice cube tray. I usually freeze E’s food in 1 tablespoon portions.

What do you use to help feed your little one?


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