Essential Oils for Baby

I was never a user of essentials oils until my final week of pregnancy. I had been sleeping poorly the last couple of weeks and when my mom came over, she suggested I rub some lavender essential oil on the base of my feet.

My nurse had previously suggested it, but I had brushed it off. However, my mom insisted and also had the oil with her.

Guess what? It worked like a charm and I slept so well that night. Since then I have been somewhat of a believer – at least in the powers of lavender oil with regards to sleep. The hubs is more of a skeptic but allows me to purchase (of course within reason) essential oils that I believe will help our family.

During labor, the nurses also massaged me using essential oils. It helped me tremendously to cope with the labor pain and helped me reach my goal of having an unmedicated birth.

Currently I use lavender daily with E. After E’s bath, I rub a little lavender oil on her feet. During bedtime, I also diffuse either lavender or Gentle Baby (an essential oil blend from Young Living) into the air. I believe this helps to create a calm and relaxing environment to help our family sleep better. We use this diffuser.

When anyone is under the weather, I diffuse Medicine Woman Jr. – a blend that I found from this website. The blend works the same way as a popular essential oil blend called “Thieves”. Thieves is an anti-germ blend. However, it has certain oils that aren’t safe for babies and young children below the age of 10. As such, Medicine Woman Jr. is a great alternative. The hubs also likes the smell.

There are a few things to note when using essential oils for baby:

  • ALWAYS dilute the oil. Essential oils are very potent and using them straight on babies or even adults can cause more harm than good. I find this guide very helpful. For a carrier oil, I usually use jojoba oil.
  • Not all essential oils can be used on baby. This article has a list that gives details as to what oil is safe at what age.
  • Essential oils should never be ingested.
  • Introduce one oil at a time, until you know what baby is and isn’t allergic to.

Here are some things I currently use:

  • Essential oils: Aura Cacia brand (easy to find in most health food stores, Whole Foods, Sprouts etc.; relatively inexpensive but good quality); Young Living (expensive, but well-regarded; can be purchased on Amazon or from a Young Living dealer; most of my oils were gifts)

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