DIY Foaming Hand Soap

I love Method products but don’t have the budget to buy them for regular use.

I especially like the shape of their bottles (think wide base and easy to press dispenser). As such, we use their dishwashing detergent bottle (I just refill it with our detergent of choice, Palmolive Pure + Clear) and their foaming hand soap bottle.


To refill the foaming hand soap, I use Softsoap bought in bulk at Costco. I don’t like strongly scented soaps so I usually choose soaps that have the lightest scent.

Using a ratio of 1:1, I add soap and an equal amount of water, mix it together in a Pyrex measuring glass and then pour it into the dispenser. I find that mixing in a bowl or measuring cup first produces less suds. It also prevents the soap from clogging the dispenser.

Recently, a friend suggested using Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap instead. I had a few bottles of the peppermint soap sitting under my sink so I decided to give it a try. I only had to use 10% soap, 90% water to achieve a nice foamy, sudsy consistency. Feel free to experiment with the amounts.

These two soap alternatives work just as well and I don’t have to spend lots on the expensive Method refills.

*UPDATE July 2016: I’ve discovered that the Bath and Body Works foaming soap pumps work a lot better than the Method ones so I’ve switched to using those. They are pricey so I buy them when on sale (still pricey) but the pumps are much better quality and last longer than the Method ones. It’s also much easier to pump out the soap.


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