Converting my Longchamp Pliage (Medium) into a diaper bag

My previous post on “Choosing a Diaper Bag” briefly mentioned how you can convert almost any bag to be a diaper bag and how I have successfully used my Longchamp Pliage (medium) as a diaper bag.

I love the bag and have used it almost to death. I love how it is light, durable and very portable. It is also (in my opinion) stylish enough to go with most of my wardrobe. As such, I used to carry this bag ALL the time (no kidding). My bag is more than 5 years old and still going strong.

I hate having to lug around a diaper bag dedicated to E (unless necessary) and did not want to purchase another “more stylish” diaper bag option. As such, I thought about how I could pack all of E’s essentials and my wallet, phone and keys into one stylish bag that I already own. Do note that because of the size of the bag, I can only pack absolute essentials for E. If I am going to be out and about for a longer time, I use a larger diaper bag.

This is how I do it:

Longchamp Pliage medium in brown, packed with E’s diaper bag essentials.

Inside the bag. I removed the receiving blanket that is normally on the top of the bag.

Bag contents emptied – from left, first aid kit (green container); bag organizer; receiving blanket; wet/dry bag

This is how I do it – I use a bag organizer. You can get these rather inexpensively on Be sure to check the dimensions of the organizer to ensure it isn’t too small/big for your bag. This is the organizer I purchased.

View from the top – I am able to stuff snacks (granola bars); hand sanitizer; tissue paper pack; Lucas Paw Paw Ointment which is a baby balm, moisturizer and lip balm; pen; wipes (in one zippered compartment); 2 diapers, a disposable diaper changing sheet (in another zippered compartment); and stuff the wet/dry bag packed with E’s change of clothes, extra bib and burp cloths in the center compartment.

My keys, wallet and phone would go into any extra space in the bag. I also don’t carry around the receiving blanket all the time.

A bag organizer works best for bags that have empty space/s and little to no pockets. So feel free to experiment with your bag of choice!


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