Nursing Wear

During my pregnancy I didn’t really have to buy any maternity clothes as a friend had passed me some and I also got by with larger sized t-shirts and yoga pants.

Empire cut dresses (which I had in my wardrobe already) were also worn very often throughout my pregnancy.

It was just before E popped that I started looking for nursing wear. I was planning to nurse E for at least a year so that meant buying clothes that would last a year but not be too expensive.

Nursing clothes are terribly expensive and largely unflattering for a petite person like me (and in general). As such, I spoke to other moms and asked them what they used.

That being said I do have one nursing dress. However, the dress can also be worn in the future as the style is classic and simple. If you are looking for nursing dresses, Nordstrom has a pretty good selection.

Here is what I use:

1. Nursing camisoles – I practically live in these at home and they are particularly handy after birth as you don’t want to buy a proper nursing bra until your boob size has stabilized. Walmart and Target have some reasonably priced options, though I prefer these from Walmart.

2. Nursing Bra – You don’t want to buy a proper nursing bra until your breast size has stabilized (about 6-8 weeks postpartum). Try bras on at stores and buy online as you usually get a better price. I have the Bravado Body Silk Seamless nursing bra in butterscotch (skin color) and black. They are both wireless (best for your nursing breasts) and can be converted to normal bras after you are done nursing. They cost about $50 each but I managed to get them on sale and tax-free at this store.

3. Undercover Mama – A friend of mine introduced this to me. Undercover Mama allows you to wear any top as a nursing top. It’s basically a camisole that you attach to your nursing bra and wear underneath your top. The only downside is that it can get quite warm during hot weather as you have to wear two layers of clothes. However, the pros still outweigh the cons and this allows me to still wear my favorite tops and avoid buying special nursing tops.

4. Nursing sleep bra – These bras are very comfy and great for the beginning stages of nursing when you don’t have a “proper” nursing bra yet. I use them when at home, not necessarily when I sleep. I have 3 different sleep bras and the Medela one is my favorite because the elastic doesn’t dig into my skin and the material is not too thick.

Other things I wear:

V-neck tops/dresses with V-neck cut – If the cut is low (but not too low), I can pull these down to nurse. In that way, I don’t have to use the Undercover Mama and just wear one layer. I try and buy tops on sale, or cheaper tops so I don’t feel bad stretching out the fabric.

I keep a lookout for dresses with V-neck tops. Some of my favorite places to look include LOFT, Old Navy, and Gap.

How do you deal with the nursing clothes dilemma?


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