Diaper Table Essentials

Most parents would have a dedicated diaper changing table/station in their home.

The fact is, you can change your child’s diaper almost everywhere and a dedicated station is not really necessary. If you would like the flexibility to change your child’s diaper anywhere in your house, a caddy with the essentials listed above (sans the diaper changing pad and cover) would be helpful.

We have a dedicated diaper changing station as our apartment is small enough that the station is never too far away. We converted the top of our dresser into a diaper changing station as we did not have enough space for any special diaper changing table and did not want to spend any money on one.

Pictured below is our diaper changing station.


Here are some of the essentials we have:

1. Diaper changing pad – Initially, we did not have a pad and just used the Pigeon Air Filled Rubber Mat. However, my mom insisted that we purchase a proper diaper changing pad as it would provide a “softer” surface for baby. The curved sides also help prevent baby from rolling off onto the floor (of course, never leave baby unattended on any surface above the floor). If you have the financial ability, this changing pad from Keekaroo is a good buy as you do not need to have any cover for it and it is easy to wipe clean.

2. Wipes – We currently use Target Unscented Baby Wipes. We tried making our own wipes (too inconvenient in the end) and the Pampers baby wipes (hence the Pampers wipes box on our table). We found the Target wipes to be good value for money and of good quality (better than Pampers in my opinion). I usually tear each wipe into half. I find it makes wiping small bums easier and I also end up using less wipes overall. I reused the Pampers wipe box for the Target wipes since the Target wipes do not come in a plastic box.

3. Cover for changing pad or equivalent – We use the Pigeon Air Filled Rubber Mat as a “cover” for our changing pad. It is easy to clean and can be wiped down. This is much better than covers that are made of fabric and need to be laundered each time. Babies pee and poo on the changing pad all the time and having to change the cover each time would be a pain. However, the mat is hard to find here in the US and my mom actually bought it in Asia and brought it over for us. Target sells a cover that has a waterproof area that can be wiped down. That is a good alternative.

4. Hand Sanitizer – This is helpful if you need to sanitize/clean your hands after changing baby and the sink is too far away.

5. Diapers – We currently cloth diaper E so her cloth diapers (covers + inserts) are stored away in the drawer under the changing station. However, we still use disposables for nighttime and when we are out and about. We currently use the Pampers Swaddlers brand.

6. Diaper Balm/Cream – For diaper rash. It’s good to have this around in case baby develops any sort of diaper rash. E has not had any diaper rash yet but at times, she gets little spots on her bum. I quickly apply a little balm and the spots go away. We currently use the Earth Mama Angel Baby Diaper Balm. It’s all-natural and works great.

Other stuff:

To store the diapers and things, we use SKUBB organizers from IKEA.

We also have a roll of paper towel to wipe up any pee/poop. We then disinfect the surface with a disinfectant wipe (we use the Lysol brand).


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