Baby Bath & Health Items

Here are some bath and healthcare items we use with E:

1. The First Years Infant To Toddler Tub with Sling – This is the quintessential blue bath tub that most parents get. It does come with a pink option though. The sling is very handy when baby is a newborn. The tub has worked well for us and because so many people get it, it is easy to find one second hand on Craigslist. We got ours for $5.

2. Comb and Brush – Even if baby does not have much hair, a soft brush is handy when you need to brush off dry skin flakes or deal with cradle cap. Most brands are fine, we got the Safety First Brand.

3. aden + anais Muslin Washcloths or any washcloths – The aden + anais brand makes good quality washcloths that will last. They are also very soft and gentle on baby’s skin. However, any soft washcloth will also do. We have both the basic washcloths and the aden + anais ones. We actually find the basic ones from Carter’s more useful now because they are smaller in size (and E is small now). We will likely use the aden + anais ones when E is bigger.

4. Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors – Cutting baby’s nails can be quite challenging and there are many different types of nail cutting devices out there. We chose these nail scissors because they were very well reviewed on Amazon and beyond. I’ve found them to be easy to use and they get the job done well. The safety tip also prevents me from hurting E when cutting her nails.

5. NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator – The NoseFrida makes sucking out snot easier. It is also pretty easy to clean. The normal bulb sucker can be hard to clean because you don’t know if the inside is clean or not.

6. Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer (Dual Mode) – A simple digital thermometer would suffice. However, most of them take forever to record a temperature (think wiggly baby). As such, a ear thermometer would be handier. This thermometer can take one’s temperature via the ear or forehead.

Other items not pictured:

Hooded towels/normal towels – For drying down baby after a bath. IKEA has some good options.

Bath soap/shampoo – The hubs has pretty sensitive skin so I opted to use a baby shampoo/soap for sensitive skin. We use Mustela which is also great for dealing with cradle cap (at least in my experience). It is pretty pricey but because babies use very little soap for each bath, we are still on our first bottle after 5 months. One bottle will probably last us about 6 months. I might switch to a cheaper brand after we finish this bottle.

Moisturizer – I use jojoba oil to moisturize E’s skin after a bath, if needed. I usually rub some jojoba oil on her head since her scalp gets pretty dry. It has also helped get rid of her cradle cap. For E’s bum, I apply a small amount of diaper balm each night. I use the Earth Mama Angel Baby Diaper Balm.


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