Laundry Essentials For Baby (& Family)

For baby’s laundry, choosing a detergent that is free of fragrances, dyes and any other unnecessary harsh chemicals is advised.

Something that is Eco-friendly would also be a plus. In general, I’ve found that whatever works for cloth diapers most likely would be great for baby’s laundry as well. This is because cloth diaper safe detergents are usually fragrance, dye, optical brighteners, harsh chemicals – free.

I came across Nellie’s All-Natural Laundry Soda (1) when I was looking for an appropriate detergent to wash our cloth diapers. Cost-wise it was reasonable and it also had excellent reviews. I decided to give it a go. We love Nellie’s! For a powder detergent, it dissolves very well in hot, cold and warm water. It also leaves no residue (that I can feel) and no scent (which equals clean!). I used to use it solely for E’s laundry and cloth diapers but now we use it for all our laundry. Because it is fragrance and dye-free, it is also great for individuals with sensitive skin (like the hubs).

When using the dryer, I use wool balls (2) to help soften the clothes and reduce drying time. I stopped using fabric softener sheets some time ago as they aren’t good for your skin and overall health due to the chemicals and fragrances present. The wool balls work well. However, at times (depending on what was washed), there can be some static – a little but not a lot.

Oxi Clean (3) is used when I have stains I need to remove on clothes (e.g., E’s poop stains). I pre-soak the clothes in water and Oxi Clean for 1 to 2 days, depending on how bad the stain is. I then rinse the clothes with water before popping them into the normal laundry load. Oxi Clean has worked very well to remove E’s poop stains. I’ve definitely learnt my lesson to always pre-soak stained clothes as just dumping them in the washer and dryer sets the stain and makes it permanent. Oxi Clean can be found easily in most grocery stores and Target. You can also buy it in bulk at Costco.

Links to products:

Nellie’s All-Natural Laundry Soda

Wool Balls

Oxi Clean


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