Setting Up Your Baby Registry

About 6 months ago I had to set up a baby registry. A friend was going to host a baby shower for me and friends and family were asking what we needed for the baby.

Since E is our first (and probably only) child, we had to start from scratch. Well, not really since a friend had given us a truck-load of baby clothes, toys and other stuff that she didn’t need
anymore. Her two daughters were way past the baby/toddler age group. As such, the hubs and I spent hours going through all the clothes and stuff. We donated the clothes and things we didn’t need or couldn’t keep due to lack of space. Our friend’s generosity saved us hundreds of dollars in baby clothes, swaddles, blankets, toys, etc. We are (to this day) eternally grateful.

Since we didn’t need clothes and such, we didn’t register for any outfits, burp cloths, blankets etc. However, we did need other things like a crib, mattress, stroller, high chair etc. Lucie’s List has a good starter list of things needed for baby and helped me get started on my registry. You can access the list here. She also wrote a great overview on Baby Registry Basics. I highly recommend reading that. Of course there are some things I disagree with on that list, but to each his own. I’ll probably write a more detailed post of what worked/what didn’t work for me and what I
feel is needed for the first few months of baby’s life, or rather things you MUST have around before baby is born.

Some people are afraid to place “expensive” items on their registry. I say, if you really want it, go for it. That’s what a registry is for – a wishlist that OTHER people use to purchase items you need and/or want. For example, if you really want that $50 bath tub for baby, put it on the registry. But if no one purchases it for you, then you still can get the $15 trusty blue bath tub as backup. Also, be strategic. Don’t place every single item you need/want for baby on the registry (e.g., a pack of cotton buds to clean baby’s ears with). Think about which items you really need (and cost more) – those need to be on the registry.

Where should I register?

I decided it was either between or Baby List. Both were “universal registries” meaning that you can place items from all over the web on your registry. However, I preferred Baby List as it also listed alternative places for gift givers to purchase the item for me. Amazon does offer a completion discount for the registry so I did have a pseudo registry for my own viewing with  Amazon. In that way I still got the completion discount. Do note not all items qualify for the discount and the discount can only be used once.


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